Monday, September 23, 2013

Background of the Campaign 

According to the available data, Bihar and especially Patna is no less than any other state or any country in case of sexual harassment of women at workplace and other atrocities as well. It also haves a large number of such cases which occur endlessly, but most of them are unregistered and no data is available for accessing the number of such occurrences.

The condition of the working women in Bihar is even more pathetic. Even if such cases comes in lime light, the police administration and courts do not show their least interest in providing redressal to the victim. Rather, the victim is further victimized by them as well as the society. The government is also indifferent about the condition of women more specifically the working women. As, the government does not have any record relating to the cases of sexual harassment of women at workplace, it is difficult to get a clear idea about the situation. Even if the government is taking certain steps such as setting up the local complaint committee, it is not known to anyone. Thus, the impact of these steps are nil.
Therefore, the campaign has undertaken the responsibility as well as the challenge to curb sexual harassment of women at workplace. 

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